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Inauguration of Dr. Rema Mohan High Throughput Sequencing lab

Inauguration of Dr Rema Mohan High Throughput Sequencing lab at Siruseri today on the 4th anniversary of our beloved Managing Director, late Dr Rema Mohan. This lab is devoted to research on diabetic eye diseases as a tribute to Dr Rema who was a pioneer in the field in India.


Association of Physicians of India (API) conference, Gurgaon, 2015

Dr. V. Mohan, Chairman, Dr.Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre, delivered his lecture at the “Association of Physicians of India” (API), Dr. Ranjit Unnikrishan, Vice Chairman, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre was awarded the Dr. Coelho Memorial Lectureship in Experimental Medicine and Dr.R.M.Anjana, Joint Managing Director, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre won the E .Merck Award for the best paper presented at the annual conference of ‘Association of Physicians of India’ (API), conference held in Gurgaon.


Insulin Pump Center Launch

Dr.Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre in collaboration with Medtronic’s is proud to announce the launch of Insulin Pump Centre for improved management of Diabetes. We are certain that this is only the beginning of more scientific engagements in future.

A boon to Insulin dependent Diabetics!

Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre launches Insulin Pump Clinic

Insulin Pump therapy has come as yet another innovation in the field of Diabetes treatments, especially for the patients who are Insulin dependents and who need multiple insulin doses everyday.

Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre (DMDSC) has today added the ‘Insulin Pump Clinic’ facility in it’s Gopalapuram Centre in Chennai.

Dedicating the facility, Dr. V. Mohan, Chairman, DMDSC said, “an insulin pump is a small device about the size of a small cell phone that is worn externally and can be discreetly clipped to your belt, slipped into a pocket, or hidden under your clothes. It delivers precise doses of rapid-acting insulin to closely match your body’s needs”.

“Small amounts of insulin delivered continuously (24/7) for normal functions of the body (not including food). The programmed rate is determined by our specialists based on the patient’s Diabetes condition. Insulin pumps have bolus calculators that help patients to calculate their bolus amount based on settings that are fixed by our specialists”, he added.

During a live interaction with patients on the occasion, Dr. V. Mohan further explained, “since the insulin pump uses only more predictable rapid-acting insulin, patients need not follow a strict schedule for eating, activity, and insulin injections. They have the freedom of eating only when hungry, delaying a meal if required or even broadening the food choices”.

“With insulin pump therapy, patients will have to change their infusion set only a few times per month unlike conventional multiple daily injections”, he added.

Dr. R. M. Anjana, Joint Managing Director further explained “we have introduced ‘Try Before You Buy’ (TBYB) scheme for the patients who want to try the pump and get used to it before actually buying one. The insulin pumps are available for a minimum monthly rent under this scheme, without any caution deposit, which we introduce in the interest of the patients. Patients can decide after a month or two of trial use, whether they want to buy the pump or not.”

With proper insulin pump use, patients can be four times more likely to achieve their target A1C and potentially reduce their low blood sugar reactions by 84%. Since insulin pump therapy can help achieve better control, it can reduce long-term complications of diabetes such as eye, heart, kidney, and nerve damage.


Dr. Balasubramanyam has been elected as Fellow of the Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences (FAPAS)

Dr. Balasubramanyam-Award

Dr.Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre (DMDSC) and the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF) are proud to inform that Dr.M.Balasubramanyam, Dean of Research Studies & Senior Scientist at MDRF has been elected as Fellow of the Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences (FAPAS). On 7th February 2015, Dr.Balasubramanyam attended the programme of induction of new Fellows at Hyderabad and received the Fellowship Certificate and Memento from Dr.Ch.Mohan Rao (Director, CCMB & President, APAS). Dr.Balasubramanyam is one among the three scientists elected as Fellow of the Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences this year, under the Medical Sciences category.

Congratulations!!! Dr.Balasubramanyam

ISCA Young Scientist Award to Mr.Sathishkumar, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation

ISCA Young Scientist Award to Mr.Sathishkumar, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation

ISCA Young Scientist Award to Mr.Sathishkumar

Mr.C.Sathishkumar, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation has received the prestigious “Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) Young Scientist Award” at the Indian Science Congress-2015 held in Mumbai (3rd to 7th January) – for the work entitled: “Augmentation of histone deacetylase 3 (HDAC3) links inflammation and insulin resistance in Type 2 Diabetes: Therapeutic implications”. ISCA Young Scientist Award is a significant achievement in the career growth of a research student in India. “While there is a global demand for new drugs with novel mode of actions, our research raises hope for the development of next-generation anti-diabetic drugs focusing on epigenetic drug targets” say Dr.M.Balasubramanyam (Dean of Research Studies) and Dr.V.Mohan (Director, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation). The research team is continuing their research to unravel the potential of specific HDAC inhibitors from the natural product repository of India, so as to achieve “Make in India” contribution from the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai.

Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre inaugurates it's 20th branch in Kukatpally, Hyderabad


Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre inaugurates it’s 20th branch in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Heartiest congratulations to the entire team who made this a grand success


World Quality day has been designed by the Chartered Quality Institute to increase worldwide awareness about the importance of quality and its role in organizational growth and prosperity ultimately leading to national progress. Internationally, every year the second Thursday of November is celebrated as the “World Quality Day”.

The theme for the year 2014 is “Building a Quality World Together” Building a Quality World Together.

World Quality day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre (DMDSC) on the 13th November 2014. The employees in the institution took part in the events which were held throughout the day. The day long events were held to spread the “Importance of Quality” message to the entire organization.

Deakin Innovation

In this picture: (from the left) Avinash Soundararajan, Abishamala Kingsly and Shruti Muralidharan

The Deakin Special Higher Degree by Research Workshop was conducted on the 5th and 6th of November 2014. One of the most interesting highlights of the workshop was the Innovation Workshop session conducted by two of Deakin’s most eminent professors – Prof. Peter Hodgson, Director of Institute for Frontier Materials and Prof. Svetha Venkatesh, Chair in Complex Pattern Analysis from PRaDA(Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics). The DIRI students were given the task of creating an innovative product idea along with a 3 minute pitch presentation. The product idea that the MDRF team (Avinash Soundararajan, Abishamala Kingsly, Shruti Muralidharan) conceived was a mobile application named “SearchDR” to assist the Indian diabetic population to find the right health care physician at the right time according to their location. The product was well appreciated for three reasons –
1. It is a bite sized innovation and a need of the hour
2. We used the aid of a health care professional and a common man’s point of view to pass this idea fit among other ideas; multiple brainstorming sessions
3. The incorporation of info graphic in the presentations

Endeavour Executive Fellowship awarded to Dr.M.Balasubramanyam


Congratulations to Dr.M.Balasubramanyam, Dean of Research Studies & Senior Scientist, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF), for being awarded the highly competitive “Endeavour Executive Fellowship” from the Ministry of Education, Australian Government. The Endeavour Executive Fellowship provides financial support towards professional development opportunities for high achievers in Education and Research. The fellowship will support Dr.Balasubramanyam to visit Australia and initiate professional development activities at the DEAKIN University aiming at further strengthening of the MDRF-DEAKIN PhD program and it expansion scopes.

World Diabetes Day Celebrations 2014

World Diabetes Day celebrations taking place at Dr.Mohan’s throughout this month of November with cultural events participated by patients on all days, Followed by prize distribution after Event.